Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hov Pod SPX - A Closer Look

The new breed of Hov Pod SPX is a class of its own in hovercraft technology. Most people think that all hovercrafts are the same, but this small Hov Pod is way above its competitors..

Voted by the press as the Mercedes Benz of hovercrafts, the Hov Pod SPX's design, proven high quality, safety and ease of use, maneuverability, sturdiness, and durability, have conquered the product and operational issues plaguing competitors.

The noise often associated with hovercrafts while “flying” is not uncomfortable, thanks to the custom-fitted two-stage silencer on the motor. Airstream noise is comfortably below that of city traffic, and the entire unit makes far less annoying noise to bystanders, than a jetski or other PWC. With competitors' models, steering and changing directions are controlled by the use of body weight displacement, a skill which is achieved after practice. This is very funny because handlebars and simple fingertip control are used with Hov Pods to turn corners.

The above qualities, coupled with its versatility, has made this all terrain and marine hovercraft as the vehicle of choice for various purposes such as rescue, patrol, survey, leisure, or commercial use.

The Hov Pod SPX can operate smoothly on any flat surface whether it's sand, water, ice, mud, grass, pebbles, rocks, and even concrete. Areas otherwise rendered inaccessible by other traditional vehicles are reachable with this multi-role craft.

So, how is it possible for this sturdy hovercraft to withstand all the brutal physical punishment that comes with its use in rough terrains, aside from the fact that it literally flies above the surface?

The secret is in the material with which it is made.  It is unique in that it is the only hovercraft made from High- Density Polyethylene. HDPE is the same material used for kayaks, artificial joints, the puck or disk in ice hockey, and F1 crash barriers.

Though the TCC 3-layer composite High-Density Polyethylene used in the manufacture of the Hov Pod's hull is lightweight, it is highly bouyant, stronger, and far more impact resistant than the brittle glass fiber [GRP] material used by competitors, which cracks and breaks on impact. Furthermore, HDPE is extremely easier to modify for attaching mounts and extra equipment on the hulls.

The HDPE has been extensively tested for sturdiness by repeatedly hitting it with a mallet, or jumping up and down on it, to see if it would crack.

Another significant quality of the Hov Pod SPX is its unique skirt material, which is a specially made weave and fabric combination with anti-rip properties and extraordinary wear resistance. Continued operational capability is enhanced with its one of a kind skirt design and individual skirt sections which makes sectional skirt repairs and replacement possible and less expensive.

The Hov Pod SPX  is available as a 4-stroke 120HP or 2-stroke 65HP variant & taking up to 3 adults with speeds up to 40mph. Building your own Hov Pod is now possible as the hull can be bought fully assembled and leaves to the buyer the choice of the engine to mount and configure. Refer to the Buyer's Free Guide below to help you make the right decision.

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